Sunday, June 29, 2008

Busting trail to Bridger Creek

Since the team's SPOT tracker doesn't seem to be up to speed, you should know that the team is likely nearing CP22-Bridger Creek and from there it's just 4 miles to CP23/TA11-Gallatin Rec. Area where the support crew is waiting for them with their bikes and some nourishment.

Generally, Team Shasta/Core Concepts has been traveling between Teams Xtreme Couture (#44) and the Dancing Pandas (#78), so they are consistently around 18th place at this point. I wonder if this means the team will finish the race with a new-found affinity for black & white Chinese fashions? :-)

Seriously, we should have some more details in a few hours if I hear from the support crew.

Keep cheering them on in spirit! Thank you for all the support - it means a lot.


Anonymous said...

Go T Go, I knew your tracker couldn't be working, keep it going girl!! Lots of Love K & J XX

Anonymous said...

Keep smiling Tracey, looks like you are still enjoying it,I have been with you all the way. Loads of love Mum xxx

Anonymous said...

Teams are dropping like flies. You guys rock! Keep'em going Tracey.

Love T'n'B